Redefining your idea of what a sports facility should be. Bringing people together with common goals and interests. Preparing our youth to be educated and motivated in any sports they choose. Giving people in the New Berlin and surrounding areas a place to train and play. To be a center that promotes a safe, respectful, and healthy environment.

A complex that provides a sense of place for your community. From sports to community events. Always looking for new and better ways of doing things while building on what we have already accomplished. Creating a positive atmosphere among staff and attendees. Generating economical impact for not only our facility but for the surrounding local businesses. To grow as a facility in order to reach out to more individuals and help them on their path in life.

We want to set the tone of our environment through our dedication and loyalty to our staff and customers, mutual respect and understanding of all, and a positive upbeat attitude shared by everyone.   We pride ourselves on motivation that will inspire others to do their best.  The Sportsplex will do all we can to offer a safe, professional, clean environment for all to enjoy.